University of Michigan Chemical Engineering Car Team

The ChemE Car team is responsible for designing, testing and building a shoe-box sized car that starts, runs, and stops solely on chemical reactions. Competitions sponsored by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) establish a pre-determined distance and a certain amount of weight that our car is required to carry for each race. Our organization prides itself on bringing together students of different disciplines, levels of expertise and backgrounds in order to not only advance our car, but also offer an opportunity to connect and learn from each other.

Upcoming Events:

General Meetings - We will be meeting every Saturday at 10:00 am in the Wilson Student Team Project Center Wet Lab until the end of the Fall term. We encourage members of all experience levels to come join us as we prep for the Regional Conference!

Basic II Project Completion Celebration - For those that have completed their Basic II projects, we will be treating you to dinner on us! Time, date (December), and place to be decided.

Products of Innovation

Every year, AIChE requires that a new car be built for competition. A fresh start provides opportunities for members to be creative and think outside the box. Our organization designs multiple cars in preparation for competition with the best vehicle representing the University of Michigan.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Just because the name implies Chemical Engineering, we are a team that thrives on the diversity of backgrounds. Our organization needs engineers of all types, chemists, programmers, environmentalists and anyone that is interested in working on the future of transportation.

What's Next for the Maize & Blue?

There are two major competitions that our team attends and those are: Regional and Annual AIChE Conferences. Regionals Conference determines Annual Conference eligibility. Annual Conference gathers the best ChemE Cars from across the nation. Find out when Michigan is competing and where!

Design the Next Car!

Creativity is important and we value input from every member. We try to work around everyone's schedule to maximize team effort and productivity. Find out what days of the week you can design, test, and build your ideas. The design period generally lasts two months after which it's time to put your innovation into motion!